Our activities in South Sudan

Our activities in South Sudan

The country has been devastated by civil war and extreme drought.


Since 2011, South Sudan has been independent from its large neighbour Sudan. About 77% of the 12 million inhabitants in South Sudan profess the Christian faith. The country has been suffering from war, drought and famine for years. The civil war, under which the Church has also suffered, have gripped the country since 2013. Our budgets for South Sudan flow above all into the formation of faith, infrastructure and refugee aid.


South Sudan, which has been devastated by civil war and extreme drought, longs for peace. Without the humanitarian aid of churches and aid organisations, people would fall into deep despair. Thousands upon thousands of the South Sudanese live in huge refugee camps.
We support the Church with funds for travel expenses, for example, so that priests can overcome what are ofen long distances to the camps by plane, providing people there with food and medicine and offering them comfor

» Peace must grow on a foundation of education and brotherly love. «


UNO planes provide food to the residents of the South Sudanese town of Old Fangak.

In addition to our aid in the area of mobility, we also promote the formation of
priests and catechists. We are deeply moved by the ofen altruistic commitment of many priests and missionaries, and also about the fact that they have not yet lef the country, despite the continuing violence and terror. This is why we will remain active in South Sudan.For with depopulated dioceses and an insufficient number of priests, the future of the Church is at risk here.

Head of Section
Christine du Coudray Wiehe

My gift to support the ACN mission with the persecuted Christians and those in need.

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